About Us

About Us


"There is no other voter guide I value more than California Republican Taxpayers Association Voter Guide."​ -Former Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado

"Of all the voter guides, the California Republican Taxpayers is the one I count on to win with." ​-Republican Senate Leader Senator Bob Huff

"The California Republican Taxpayers Association voter guide is one of the most respected and trusted taxpayer voter guides in the state.  It's the guide I trust and look for when I vote."-Former Republican Assembly Leader Sam Blakeslee

"The CRTA Voter Guide was one of the keys to my election victory." -Assemblyman Dan Logue

"The California Republican Taxpayers Association is the go to voter guide when you want to win elections." -Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit

California  Republican Taxpayer Association


For the last 12 years we have successfully mailed out millions of winning voter guides.  In June 2018, we mailed to almost 1 million absentee and high propensity Republican voters statewide!  For the November 2018 Voter Guide, we will reach these Republican voters again!  Your first step towards your election victory is making it onto the CRTA Voter Guide.

our Philosophy

We mail a version of the same size and general outline for each region, featuring candidates, propositions and measures.  We heavily highlight statewide and regional candidates to reach high-propensity poll and absentee voters within California.

The carefully constructed Voter Guide strategy (1) maximizes exposure to those most likely to vote and (2) presents the candidate as the best Republican Taxpayer-approved candidate for each race.

Voter Guide Featured Candidates Who Won Have Included:

  • Statewide, congressional, state senate and assembly members
  • County, city and special district candidates throughout the state​
  • Statewide propositions, county and city measures